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Auto-Run Functions

USB flash drives ordered from myusbgifts supports "auto-run" functions. These are exclusive services which is not available at your common USB retailer. This unique feature gives you the opportunity to preload data such as presentation to "auto-run" upon plug in to a usb port. Please let us know if your preload files requires "Auto-run" function upon your order.


Why use AutoRun?


Auto-run functions are commonly used as a marketing tool for corporations, schools and universities to display business presentation to the user without users actually clicking on the promotional files. This compulsary marketing technique proven to reach more customers compared to other methods.

In some instances, newer computer operating system may not be able to support auto-run as a part of the system's security exercise. Most of the users are able to reach these files without the need of auto-run.


With what Operating Systems will Autorun work?

Autorun Compatibility of Locked (Read Only) Partition of Dual Zone Flash Drive


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