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Data Pre-uploading Services

We are able to pre-upload data for you in mass production so you don't have to do it individually! Pre-loading your data into your USB flash drive is a great idea to promote your business by using e-promotional materials loaded as a content.



  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Product catalogues

  • PDF brochures

  • Pictures

  • Software

  • Company websites

  • Videos

  • Music

  • Electronic Vouchers

How to send your data for preloading:


1. By email. If your data is below 25MB just zip. the file and email to us at

2. By wetransfer / Dropbox, you may use third party data holding website to upload and later email us a link to download.

3. Send by USB flash drive, just drop by to our office to send a USB containing the data you prefer to preload

4. Send by CD or DVD, just post it to us, we will be able to extract data from your CD provided.

What format should your data be:


You may provide us with any format data you files will be inserted into our USB in a separate partioned space, your user may use the remaining space on the other partition for personal data storage.

Data Uploading Disclaimer:


The pre-uploading feature are made compatible on Microsoft Windows computers, claims arises due to different operating system will not be entertained. We do not abide to check the content of pre-uploading files provided therefore we held no responsible for any error arising from third party file transfer software and whatsoever, 


Clients are solely responsible on data content uploads for copyrights infringement, data quality or any kind of data errors. Under no circumstances will IPROMOTE (M) SDN BHD be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever incase of dispute.

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