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10 Reasons Why Your USB Flash Drive Lost it's Data!

After years of supply and assembly of USB flash drives or better known as thumbdrives or pendrives, We have collected the Top 10 causes for which we are required to retrieve files from the flash drive that has stopped working. Check out our list below!

  1. The laptop has fallen with the key inserted in the USB port . Connector or broken circuit.

  1. Wash in a washing machine, left in the trouser pocket . Water, heat, detergents and bumps during washing are a lethal mix for a USB stick.

  1. Bitten by a dog . Sometimes shapes and colors of some thumb drive seems to be mistaken for a nice toy to bite

  1. Rush current or lightning . Often the USB ports are free but in some cases connected device may stop working and fail.

  1. Crushed by a car . When you drop a pen drive out of the car if you immediately collects it can not happen that someone else will pass over.

  1. Degradation of natural components . The low quality of some Chinese sticks is sometimes one of the causes of data loss.

  1. Incendiary stopped working and does not open . Often, in fact, the fault is due to an electrostatic discharge while it is being handled, or extracted from the computer.

  1. He bumped his foot while he was inserted into the PC under the table . Sometimes the connector bends slightly, sometimes it breaks along the circuit.

  1. Left outdoors in the rain . The water first and then the oxide can create serious damage.

  1. Fall . Generally, the pen drives are fairly resistant to spills but in some cases a very strong bump can cause unpredictable damage electronics.

In all these cases you can retrieve important files that appear to be lost. Obviously, each case should be dealt with in the most appropriate manner in order not to worsen the situation.

We'll be coming up with steps to recover data for USB Flash drive! Stay tuned for upcoming blog post!

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