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Micro SD Card in a USB Flash Drive? WTH!

The USB stick market today is vast, there are of all shapes and capacities and of course prices. Generally if the price is very low quality suffers. From this the Chinese inventive perspective plays a decisive role in finding solutions.

Externally, the key looks like many others, a very common pattern, especially in promotional pen drive. Once you disassembled you may notice a special hardware at all unusual. The PCB has a standard component with a Silicon Motion controller, however, in place of the memory chips on the other hand there is placed a MicroSD. The connection between the MicroSD and the PCB is not through standard contacts as would have been normal if we had been dealing with a MicroSD reader disguised as a pen drive but through the service department pitches, (normally not visible) because it covered a protective layer.

The particularity and also the purpose of this rather unusual connection lies in the fact that by doing so it is possible to reuse the memory chips of memory cards that have damaged and part of the components that were intended to be destroyed. The possible problem to the controller or other components of the card is in this case completely irrelevant because it is bypassed and replaced by the one present on the key PCB.

In doing so thanks to the inventiveness Chinese small producers with almond-shaped eyes they are able to recycle production waste representing them on the market in other forms.

Having available 2 identical pen drive is also possible to note that the micro SD are not identical. One of the two does not present any identifying mark with regard to the brand or capacity while on the second surface is evident as a laser treatment has completely erased the original brand.

Have you ever found a MicroSD on your flash drives? Share your experience with us, Comment Below!

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