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5 Tips To Promote Your Business With USB Flash Drives!

1. Bring USB drives to tradeshows and give them away. Pre-load the flash drives with all of your literature: data sheets, white papers, articles, and catalogs. Trade show attendees often throw away catalogs and booklets before flying back home, but there’s a great chance they’ll hold onto the custom flash drive (especially if it’s on a key ring). Bonus benefit: This is a environmentally-friendly solution.

2. Use flash drives as a leave-behind during sales calls. For example, let’s say you create a PowerPoint presentation that you use during your meeting with a prospect. Use your custom flash drive, plugging it into your laptop. When the meeting is over, unplug and hand it to your prospect. Let the person know that in addition to the presentation, you’ve included some other files on the drive. Be sure one of the files includes a link that redirects to your website.

3. Warm up the cold call by creating a custom presentation for a prospect and sending it to them on a flash drive. This works especially well with those important clients you’re trying to get face time with. We’re not talking simply filling up the drive with info about your company. Take the extra step for a prospect you’re trying to woo and create a presentation around the prospect’s company. Now when you follow up, instead of a true “cold call,” it may actually be a little warmer, thanks to your extra effort.

4. Hand them out in addition to your business card. After a networkingevent, the pocket full of business cards may get tossed or thrown into a catch-all container. The custom flash drive has a better chance of standing out. Make it clear that it’s not an empty drive. Have something like “Plug me in to learn more about Awesome Company” printed on it.

11. Think digital portfolios and testimonials. This goes along with ideas #3 and #5 above. A great way to re-engage past clients or to get current clients excited about new offers is to reach out to them by giving them a flash drive loaded with images of your latest projects and a video testimonial or two.

Ideas in action:

  • If you’re a carpenter, reach out to customers for whom you’ve remodeled their kitchens. Send them a flash drive with images of recent bathroom remodeling projects you’ve completed with testimonials from customers… and then include special time-sensitive discount offer.

  • For wedding caterers put together a photo slideshow including testimonials from just-married couples. Newlyweds love to share their wedding experience. Then load the slideshow onto flash drives and give them away at the next wedding show. Recipients will continue to use the flash drive through out their entire wedding planning.

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