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Original & OEM, What's the Difference?

What is the Difference between Original & OEM Flash?

How does this relate to gift and promotions industry?

When buying promotional products, there are many criteria associated with producing a promotion that you are satisfied with. In the USB flash drive industry, this usually means finding USB drives that look fantastic, perform well and cost you the least amount of money. Much like other promotional items, you get what you pay for and often times, in the USB industry, the major difference between the high and the low end is if you want Original Flash or OEM Flash. So exactly what is the difference between Original Flash and OEM Flash?

Original Flash:

Original Flash refers to the high quality flash that is often put into brand new smart phones, USB flash drives, SD cards, as well as many other modern devices. This flash is primarily made by the industry leaders such as Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Toshiba, and Intel and is generally considered to be the best flash you can buy.

Original Flash has a very long lifespan, higher performance in read/write, and has extremely low failure rates; however, due to its higher quality of production, you are going to pay more for its performance. Typically in the USB promotional industry, clients are concerned about price and end up going with OEM Flash, discussed below, but for those who need the quality for their promotion, Original Flash is the way to go.

OEM Flash (*Original Equipment manufacturer):

OEM flash memory is generally cheaper than original flash memory. This form of flash is most commonly used in USB flash drives sold in the promotional and gift industry. The quality is within reasonable price levels. OEM Flash should be considered as the value line of flash memory and although it does not perform as well as Original Flash, OEM is still a very valuable option. OEM flash balances good performance with reasonable pricing. OEM flash still has a long life span, the same data retention capacity and is made from quality materials. We most often sell OEM flash at Gecko Media. OEM flash delivers the desired performance needed to set up a lasting impression.

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